WordPress WooCommerce or Shopify for Ecommerce Web Design

Abbotsford business owners want to share their businesses far and wide, and a compelling eCommerce web design can help.

Abbotsford is a beautiful city that has so much to offer, but local business owners are also aware that having a broader reach for your business can help. In today’s world, running your own shop is as easy as setting up online, but simply setting up a shop does not guarantee success. In order for eCommerce web development to be successful, you need the right tools to create the perfect website. Famed content management system (CMS) WordPress and its eCommerce plugin are competing with Shopify to support business owners. Which system is right for you?

Understanding WordPress and WooCommerce

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For many years, WordPress has been considered the standard for web design and content management. This tool is used globally to create and manage top websites around the world. With the 2011 release of WooCommerce, WordPress received a major upgrade, and this change gave business owners the ability to run their own online shops with ease.


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WooCommerce is a completely customizable plugin and platform that works exclusively with WordPress. It has received its fair share of upgrades throughout the years, and now offers everyone that ability to make an online shop following a series of choices. Their primary goal is to create a space where you have everything that you need to shop online, but this tool also goes the extra mile with some additional offerings. 

Complete with a collection of extensions that allow you to grow your business, WooCommerce makes eCommerce web design easier and more controlled than ever. Moving with the modern times, WooCommerce also gives you the unique ability to run your store from your phone using a mobile app.  Business owners on the move will be able to keep an eye on orders and statistics with a quick glance at their phones.

Built to scale and support a variety of different industries, WooCommerce gives you the ability to make websites at all levels. You can create something simple and basic or create an intricate store from scratch using the platform. This platform gets even better when it is paired with a dedicated website design company, allowing business owners to take their websites to the next level.

Understanding Shopify

Shopify is a proud Canadian company that is well-known for bringing more accessibility to eCommerce. Cherished for their contributions toshopify ecommerce logo, shopify web design logo small business owners, Shopify is a company that can help you to share your products with people around the world. Able to support customization at different levels, Shopify can be a wonderful tool for everyday business owners.

The Shopify platform is filled with exciting features that will well and truly make you believe that you can start your business—and soon. Offering powerful website tools, like fully functional online store offerings and dedicated marketing tools, Shopify is a valuable tool for eCommerce web design. It gives anyone the ability to create a simple shop that can be launched very quickly.

Like WooCommerce, Shopify does have support for customization, so working with a website design company is something to consider. Managing a Shopify website is very simple, offering everything business owners need in one collective dashboard. Though the insights can be less detailed than some of the ones that WooCommerce offers, this dashboard is still great for the majority of businesses. Already, Shopify is responsible for empowering millions of businesses across 175 countries. More than a few of these businesses are surely in Abbotsford already!

Comparable to their competition, Shopify also offers businesses access to over 6,000 apps that can be directly integrated into a Shopify website. This means that Shopify store owners can customize and upgrade their websites in quite a few ways, offering a great opportunity to be creative. They even offer different educational pieces and support systems to help small business owners to improve their businesses.

Choosing Between the Two

These two platforms are similar in a variety of different ways, and each individual brand is working hard to empower eCommerce store owners every day. What is right for one store owner might not be the best fit for another, but there are a few considerations that can help you to make the choice.

Most people have the opinion that Shopify is simply easier to use. It is ideal for people who are looking to make a store fairly quickly and want everything to be ready to go in advance. If simplicity is the most important factor, Shopify might be a good fit.

WooCommerce offers a little more customization, and people really seem to appreciate it for that. While many Shopify stores built using their tools can be fairly similar, WooCommerce offers more customization and more control. Anyone who is looking to have that added level of control or wants to create a more unique website will find that WooCommerce does have more support for these goals.

Taking ECommerce Development to the Next Level

Running an online shop is simple when you have the right tools, but it can be even better to explore your web development process with an Abbotsford website design company. Though WooCommerce and Shopify give anyone the ability to make an online store, these platforms really shine when they are used by experts.

Partnering with professionals makes it easy for you to ensure that you have a completely unique and engaging website that has been tailored to meet your business needs. Instead of relying on basic tools and templates, you can turn your website into a unique experience that everyone who visits your website will enjoy.

A wonderful website is the first step towards making your eCommerce dreams a reality, but there is more to do when the website is built. Managing your website and embracing digital marketing can help your business to thrive, allowing you to reach new potential customers in countries all around the world. In today’s world, a household brand can start with just one website.

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